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Experiencing God and Scripture Through Our Attachment Patterns

Experiencing God and Scripture Through Our Attachment Patterns Experiencing-God-and-Scripture-Through-Our-Attachment-Patterns

I have had prescription glasses for years due to stigmatism.  A couple years ago while interacting with a neurological ophthalmologist it was discovered that energy and light were traveling inappropriately through my brain circuitry. And thus, I now have the prisms embedded into my glasses. I now have improved eyesight, seeing the world more clearly. […]

Practically Increasing Emotional Stamina

Practically Increasing Emotional Stamina practically-increasing-emotional-stamina

Several months ago I wrote of the concept of going to the Emotional Gym and building our capacities to navigate life regardless of how challenging it is.  (I will copy over here part of that blog.) Emotional Gym   Anger – Do something that, even though it is appropriate, I know will result in someone being upset/ irritated/ angry […]

My Distress Due to Lack of Unity and Reconciliation

My Distress Due to Lack of Unity and Reconciliation unity-and-reconciliation

God has gifted me richly with mentors who have contributed greatly to my becoming who I am today! I hold them as treasures and in high regard. [Names have been changed] Ben and James who significantly helped get a foundation built within me as I was grappling with the impact of my early childhood and […]

Distracted David

Distracted David

In our last blog, we focused on the life of “Dismissive Danny”, and the tragic struggle that comes from living a life with minimal awareness that what happens in our lives matters, leaving us to follow rules above the value of relationships. We looked at the importance of ‘coming alive’, and practical ways to move […]

Dismissive Danny

Dismissive Danny dismissive-danny-maribeth-poole

In my last post I gave a snapshot of what it might look like to grow up in an environment filled with security, mindsight, empathy, consistency and constancy.   While life has challenges for all of us, those who grow up with such a degree of security are able to navigate life’s challenges with resilience that others do […]

The Merry-Go-Round of Attachment Patterns

The Merry-Go-Round of Attachment Patterns the-merry-go-round-of-attachment-patterns-maribeth-poole

God designed us to be securely attached in relationships.  With Him and others. When our relationships go well, we do well in life.  When our relationships are not doing well, our lives can be thrown into anguish and we start swirling. Understanding Attachment Patterns can give us insight into what is behind the quality of […]

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