Deeper Walk Online Community

YOUR space to connect and grow joyful community.

Why You Should Join Us

We all need heart-focused community! But it can be hard to find. We’ve heard from many of you that you want a way to stay connected.

You want to keep growing joy, relational maturity, and walking in the Spirit. This is YOUR space to do that!

Welcome to the Deeper Walk Community! Let’s stay on the trail together, going deeper with God and each other.

Ways to Connect in Community


Connect with others online and even in your region.

Connection Groups

Affinity groups – prayer, alumni, podcast, and more!


Connect with your Deeper Dive’s group and content.


Connect with other conference attendees during online or hybrid conferences.


Learn at your own pace (and invite a friend to join you!).

Join the Community

This is a multi-functional space designed for YOU! Join in community with like-minded believers and find opportunities to learn and grow together in ways that meet you where you’re at.

This network has two main functions: community & content. You can access community and content in five main spaces: Community, Connection Groups, Cohorts, Courses, and Conferences. Each of these spaces will continue to grow in their content offerings.

The Deeper Walk Online Community is hosted on the Mighty Networks platform and is a separate login from Deeper Walk’s website. To access it, you will need to set up a Mighty Networks account. (For convenience, you can use your same username and password as Deeper Walk’s website, but the accounts are not directly connected.)

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