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Problems Logging In

You can use your email address as your username to log in.

You can reset it by clicking here. If you don’t see the password reset email check your spam folder just in case it went there.

A few different things could be going on:

  • Bookstore Account: If you previously set up an account to order books, that is on a different software system (Shopify), which is not tied to our main website account system. To log in to purchase or view videos on our website you’ll need to set up an account on our main website. You may do by clicking here

  • Deeper Walk Path Account: If you had a Deeper Walk Path account, that account may no longer be active. Click here for instructions on how to set up your new Deeper Walk Streaming Service account on our main website.

  • Different Email: You may have used a different email when you set up your account on our main website. You can enter a different email you may have used and try to reset the password. If you have an account under that email, you will receive an email to reset your password.

The good news is that you are only locked out for 15 minutes. If you type in an incorrect password 3x, you will be locked out temporarily (this is to prevent ‘bots’ from hacking accounts).

If you continue trying with the incorrect username and/or password you could be permanently locked out. We recommend doing a password reset before this happens. If it does happen please contact us with what is going on and we will get you back up and running on the site.

Accessing Your Resources

You can view all of your owned virtual content by clicking here.

There could be one of several things going on:

First, we recommend making sure you are indeed logged in to the website. If you aren’t logged in click here to login.

Second, verify that you did indeed purchase the correct product. You can view your orders by clicking here.

If you have purchased the correct product, are logged in and you still are getting the ‘Members Only’ message please email us at su*****@de*********************.org.

Online Conferences & eCourses

Yes! All of our Online Conferences and E-Institute Courses are recorded and available for on-demand viewing. Everyone who registers can join the live event (by Zoom), and/or watch the videos at their convenience. 

Yes! All of our Online Conferences and E-Institute Courses are available for purchases both before and after the live event. If you missed the live event you can still purchase the course and watch the videos at your convenience. 

When you purchased the online event you were sent a confirmation email. In that email it says, “There is one more step you must take!” and gives a Zoom Link to register for the online event.

If you didn’t receive that confirmation email, please check your promotions or spam/junk folder for an email from su*****@de*********************.org with the header, “Thank you for registering for [name of course]”. 

If you can’t locate this email, you can also log in to your Deeper Walk account and visit the page of the upcoming online event. If you are logged in, the link to register for the Zoom event is visible near the top of the page.

Good question! You don’t need a new Zoom account, but you do need to register for each specific online event hosted by Deeper Walk. Zoom creates a unique Link for each person who registers for that event.  

Billing/Credit Card Questions

You can update your credit card info by clicking here.

You’ll want to delete the old card and add a new card by clicking on the ‘Add payment method’ button.

Journey Group Questions

Journey Groups have moved to our partner-ministry, Alive & Well. Please visit

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