Guiding Others into a Deeper Walk with God

Greg Neumayer

Greg became a Deeper Walk Associate in the Fall of 2019 and is excited to focus on local church discipleship ministry partnerships and the Deeper Walk Institute as our ministry moves forward into exciting new seasons.

He grew up primarily in the North Central Indiana/South Central Michigan area, but since marrying his wife Lyndee in 2010 has enjoyed serving the Lord through teaching, worship ministry, wilderness retreats, and otherwise pastoring across America- from Hawaii to the Great Plains to suburban Detroit!

Greg currently serves as Associate Pastor with Beulah Missionary Church in Goshen, Indiana, but everywhere he’s been Greg has employed many of Deeper Walk’s core values and principles as a Kingdom servant who is committed to helping God’s people grow in fruitful maturity and experience the freedom, healing, and wholeness of living in Christ.

Greg is excited about partnering with Deeper Walk in this next season of ministry because he has personally been touched by DWI’s mission and knows the impact the good news of having joyful intimacy with Christ, gaining freedom from bondage, and experiencing healing from past wounds can have towards growing lasting maturity and wholeness in our lives.

As someone who grew up in the American church and still serves there, Greg knows both the general challenges many churches face in advancing their discipleship ministries as well as how the personal issues we can often be blind to keep us from experiencing abundant life.

He finds the deepest satisfaction in helping people discover God’s joy and delight in us, His grand will for our lives together, and the victory we can have because of Jesus.

Greg is multi-endeavor graduate of Bethel University in Mishawaka, Indiana, earning Bachelors degrees in 2010 (Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry) and Masters degrees in 2019 (Theology and Ministry). He has tried his hand at many hobbies over the years, though barbeque and backpacking have been the most lasting of his interests. If you see a far-off look in Greg’s colorblind eyes he’s likely either day-dreaming about northwest Wyoming and the mountains which he loves there or what moments he’ll get to enjoy next with Lyndee and their four children -Alletheia, Mathias, Anastasia, and Sophia- whom he loves even more.

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Your donation supports the ministry of Deeper Walk International, including Greg Neumayer, who is working to ensure others experience a deeper walk with God.

dr marcus warner

...From Deeper Walk President, Dr. Marcus Warner

Greg Neumayer has an academic mind and a pastor’s heart. I first met him as a 27-year-old senior pastor who was looking for advice. We struck up a friendship and have shared many deep conversations since that day. Along the way, our families have become friends and it was easy to see that his heart was closely aligned to the work we do at Deeper Walk International. I am delighted that Greg is following God’s call as part of the Deeper Walk team.

As a Deeper Walk Associate, Greg will work with churches to do training, teaching, and consulting on behalf of the ministry. Your support for Greg will make it possible to multiply our impact as we train a new generation how to identify and overcome the obstacles to a deeper walk with God.

barbara moon

Barbara Moon- Author, Speaker, Prayer Coach says...

I have had the privilege of working with Greg Neumayer several times in the last couple of years. I find him very dependable, friendly, warm, and full of integrity. Greg is relational and kind. He is easy to work with under any circumstances.

Bob Beaty, Lead Pastor- The Meeting House Church, PA shares...

The most effective trainers and communicators are those who have been transformed by the concepts and values they teach, and Greg exemplifies this fully. His effective communication and love for people allows groups to wrestle with new concepts, unattended emotions and healthy ways of thinking in a positive and caring environment. Our community has benefited immensely from Greg’s thoughtful and effective training. His authentic style and thoughtful articulation bring a group along in discovering ways of living fully into the people and community that God has designed for them to live. I would recommend Greg and the Deeper Walk concepts to anyone that wants to see their community transformed.

Hear Greg's Testimony About Practicing Heart Focused Discipleship To Battle Anxiousness Below

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