Prayer Ministry Certification

Do You Want To Help Real People With Real Problems?

The Certification in Deeper Walk Prayer Ministry is an intensive, interactive, hands-on, heart-focused discipleship training program in practical ministry skills. You will gain the ministry tools needed to help hurting people experience freedom, understand their identity in Christ, walk in the Spirit, and live in heart-focused (hesed) community.

Why is this program needed?

We want to equip you to help real people with real problems. Many of us have experienced freedom from spiritual bondage, healing from emotional trauma, and real growth in wisdom and maturity. Yet, we often struggle to help others find these very real and necessary experiences..

For years, Deeper Walk has provided valuable teaching content on how to help people identify and overcome the obstacles to a deeper walk with God. Now we want to build on that foundation by providing experiential training to help pastors, lay people, and even clinicians, gain the practical tools they need for effective heart-focused discipleship ministry. In other words, we want to equip you to help real people who have real problems experience healing, freedom, maturity, and discover more of the life God has planned for them.

Who is this for?

This program is ideal for those who want practical ministry training experience, such as:

  • Pastors & Ministry Leaders
  • Lay Ministers & Disciple-Makers
  • Christians who want practical training in how to help hurting people
  • Counselors and Life Coaches who want spiritual tools and skills training

Click here to download Certification Program Overview

What will I gain from this program?

Those who successfully complete this program will have the basic skills necessary to conduct inner healing prayer sessions, recognize and deal with demonic interference, walk people through the Steps to Freedom in Christ, and help others begin growing in maturity skills.

You will be certified in Deeper Walk Prayer Ministry by Deeper Walk International, the leader in heart-focused discipleship training for the church today.

So, give me the details. What will we be doing?


SPRING 2024 Cohort – with Lisa Nirva (CLOSED)
Mondays, 7:00p-9:00p (ET) January 15-December 9, 2024 (June-July break)

APRIL 2024 Cohort – 
Wenesdays, 11AM-1PM (ET)…more info coming soon…

FALL 2024 Cohort – more info coming soon…

Classes: You’ll gather as a cohort of up to 20 students for 34 weekly online meetings lasting 2 hours each. Meetings will include instructor led group discussion of Dr. Marcus Warner’s video training, as well as smaller breakout groups of 2-4 where you’ll practice ministry skill-building activities designed by Certified Master Trainer Dawn Whitestone. You’ll have opportunity to debrief your skill-practice and troubleshoot problems as they arise. You’ll receive expert ministry training supervision before having opportunities to work with those in your own church and community.

Course Work: Between class meetings, you will watch video lectures, read course materials, and complete assignments. Assignments will include both written work and practical ministry activities.

Commitment: This is a robust, intensive training that will require approximately 5-8 hours of coursework per week, both in and outside of the weekly group gatherings. Students will need to put in serious work to successfully complete the program.

Certification: Official certification in Deeper Walk Prayer Ministry will be granted to trainees based on:

  • Attendance – 80% or more of classes
  • Active Participation in meetings and ministry exercises
  • Assignments – earn a passing grade in each of the 4 Courses
  • Assessment – instructors will assess each trainee’s readiness for effective prayer ministry

What exactly will we be learning?

Heart-Focused Discipleship (8 Weeks)

Spiritual Warfare (8 Weeks)

Emotional Healing (8 Weeks)

Advanced Issues Overview and Ministry Practicum (8 Weeks)

Are there any prerequisites?

Yes. Participants should already be familiar with Deeper Walk’s approach to heart-focused discipleship. This can be done by viewing some of our free resources such as Core Course 1, and the Understanding the Wounded Heart eCourse, and by reading A Deeper Walk by Marcus Warner.

Additionally, as part of this program, participants need to have read Building Bounce: How to Grow Emotional Resilience, and completed the Building Bounce Deeper Dive

NOTE: The Building Bounce Deeper Dive is typically offered twice a year (spring and fall). You may apply for the upcoming cohort even if you have not yet completed the Building Bounce Deeper Dive. 

Email sc****@de*********************.org with any questions.

Are you ready?

Limited Space: To ensure effective hands-on training occurs, only 20 spots are available in each cohort.

2 Step Process: Step one is to pay the application fee of $35 and then submit your online application, including your references. We will prayerfully review your application and references.

If your application is accepted, you will be invited to enroll in the program. A non-refundable deposit of $633 is due at the time of enrollment to reserve your spot in the program. Enrollment closes for a cohort when all 20 spots are filled.  At the time of enrollment, you will also choose how you want to complete your tuition payment.

Total Cost: $3799.00 

Discount pricing options:  You can save money by selecting the 3-payment or one-payment option. 

  • Six monthly payments of $527.67 ($3799 total)
  • Three bi-monthly payments of $1022 ($3699 total – save $100)
  • One payment of $2966 (save $200)

International Pricing: If you live outside the USA, discount international pricing may be available. Inquire for details. 

Spouse Discount: If you would like to enroll concurrently with your spouse, discounts may be available. Inquire for details.

Questions? Contact: sc****@de*********************.org

Deeper Walk School of Ministry

Provide the spiritual help that people need.

And he said to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest. – Luke 10:2

Is God calling you to the harvest? Get the practical ministry training that you need.

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

You may work with the counselor, coach, spiritual director, pastor or prayer minister of your choice. Our purpose in this is for every student to experience being a client. You will need to have your provider verify your participation in six sessions. We will provide a form for you to use for this purpose, and explain more during class.

At this time, Deeper Walk does not offer any scholarships for the School of Ministry. We have endeavored to make the program very affordable, especially considering traditional professional certification models or higher learning institution degrees. We believe that as this program grows there will be means and avenues for alumni to enable future students to undertake this program with financial assistance, but we are not there yet.

We are striving for 90%+ interactive experience in group meetings. Breakouts, practice activities, and cohort level projects are all a part of this group training experience. Content is mostly self-guided through online videos and a detailed reading plan.

As we discuss quite sensitive topics and go deep with one another in our lives and faith journeys or care ministry we will keep our meetings in-person only without recording unless otherwise especially noted.

If you are unfamiliar with Deeper Walk resources, we highly recommend starting with one of our interactive and relational Deeper Dive short term small groups; a Journey Group ; or even the Learning Library. That said, we want you to pray about any pursuit and we’ll leave the door open to His leading. Please note that certification in Deeper Walk prayer Ministry is about caring for others and not a self-help/personal growth program. It is expected that participants have already experienced significant healing, recovery, and personal growth, and have developed the relational capacity to help others through similar experiences.

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