Counseling & Prayer Ministry Referrals

Deeper Walk International is an equipping ministry, providing resources to empower believers to walk in freedom, healing, and Kingdom impact.

While we are not a counseling center and do not have any staff available to offer personal ministry appointments, we do want to help connect people in their search for help.

If you are looking for assistance for yourself or for someone you know from a professional counselor, or a trained prayer minister, we recommend browsing through the following referral networks.  Since we do not know all of these people personally, we cannot guarantee the quality of the service or that we would be in agreement on all things, but we hope this will give you a place to start in your search for support and guidance.

We recommend that you request a free consultation with several different providers before prayerfully selecting someone you feel comfortable working with. By using this page on our website you agree to our Terms of Use



Some of these counselors, coaches, or organizations use video-conferencing, so don’t discount the possibility of getting help if one is not in your city.

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