Our Founder – Mark I. Bubeck

Dr. Bubeck founded this ministry in 1986 while serving as pastor of the Central Baptist Church in Sioux City, IA.  For many years the International Center for Biblical Counseling (later, ICBC International) was a beacon for a biblically-balanced approach to spiritual warfare ministry. According to his daughter, Judy Dunagan, “The ripple effect of his life and legacy will echo through many generations to come, of that I am certain. Mark I. Bubeck LIVED all that he taught, and he was the most Christ-like person I have ever known.”  There are many who would say Amen to her testimony.

Mark was promoted to glory on November 6, 2017, but the principles on which he has built his life remain foundational to our ministry.

The Adversary

A modern classic on spiritual warfare – every Christian needs the help of this handbook in order to recognize and more effectively resist the world, the flesh and the devil. The purpose of this book is to alert Christians to the battle they are engaged in and give them scripturally- balanced effective guidelines for dealing with all 3 enemies of their sanctification.

The Adversary at Home

(Originally, Raising Lambs Among Wolves)

This book will equip parents to help their children deal with temptation; to free their children to realize their value to God; to recognize and resist ungodly spiritual influences on their children; and to prepare a “good” harvest (of righteousness) for generations to come.  

Warfare Praying

A practical “handbook” on spiritual warfare, Warfare Praying helps readers look beyond their present battles and highlights the protection and victory in Christ due to His death and resurrection, the Holy Spirit’s role in that protection, the power of prayer, and the armor of God outlined in Ephesians 6. The book also includes doctrinal prayers penned by Dr. Bubeck to help guide readers in their intercession.

Spiritual Warfare Prayers Pamphlet

This pamphlet contains a collection of spiritual warfare prayers written by Dr. Mark Bubeck. They are a powerful guide to praying in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests (Ephesians 6:18).

Prayer Patterns for Revival

Christians battle strongholds and addiction. Satan extends temptations. This resource guides your prayers in topics like confessing sin, knowing God, and resisting the enemy. This convenient pamphlet is perfectly sized to slide into your Bible or notebook. Furthermore, these prayers are designed to be used individually or in a group so you can partner with your community to engage in God’s redeeming work.

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