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While praying for revival awakening in 1967, Pastor Mark Bubeck experienced an encounter with the Lord that thrust him into a biblical study of spiritual warfare. That study led to the writing of The Adversary in 1975. After the publishing of this biblical study of the spiritual battles of life, numerous counseling requests, calls from pastors seeking help and the obvious increasing need created a personal desire in his life to begin a center that would be devoted to counsel for the hurting and to train others to minister to the spiritually oppressed. Prayer for wisdom and divine guidance kept the matter before the Lord.

In 1987 a generous gift enabled Dr. Bubeck to found a ministry known as the International Center for Biblical Counseling (later shortened to ICBC International). The Lord provided Dan Rumberger, a Christian clinical psychologist to provide professional expertise in formulating sound psychological principles. Jim Logan joined the staff in 1989 as the first full time pastoral counselor. Eventually, new centers were started in Indiana, Colorado, and Texas. Over time, these centers have become independent ministries and ICBC has focused its attention on training a new generation of Christian workers in the principles and practices of a biblically-balanced approach to spiritual warfare, revival, and ministry to wounded hearts.

In 2005 the Lord led Dr. Marcus Warner to launch a new work called Deeper Walk Ministries. The purpose of this new endeavor was to establish a clear path to a deeper walk with God that churches could use in discipling their people. Toward this end Deeper Walk provides training in three areas:

(1) Bible basics: helping people get a handle on the Scriptures as a foundation for growth

(2) Heart-focused discipleship: guiding people into the perspectives and practices of Spirit-led living

(3) Root-level counseling: equipping people to identify and overcome the obstacles to a deeper walk with God by dealing with the battles and baggage of the past.

In 2007 ICBC International and Deeper Walk Ministries joined forces to become Deeper Walk International. Today, Deeper Walk offers an array of resources and training opportunities that help Christians go deeper in their walk with God, and experience greater freedom, healing, and maturity in Christ. 

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