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April 3, 2023

41: Spiritual Warfare Basics (Part 3)

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41: Spiritual Warfare Basics (Part 3)

Show Notes

Satan thought he had defeated Christ at the cross only to discover that Jesus had completely flipped the tables on him. Christ is Victor. 

At the cross, Jesus Christ disarmed the principalities and powers and canceled the debt against us (Col. 2:14-15). This victory is the foundation of our freedom and our authority in Christ.

What does it look like to have this authority? 

In our current series, we have been discussing the foundational principles of spiritual warfare. Last week we looked at permission and authority, particularly digging into permission.

In today's episode, we are looking at our authority in Christ and Christus Victor theology. 

Some side trails in this episode. . . 

– the angelic fight for Moses' body (Jude 1:9) 

– positive self talk vs. speaking reality into existence 

– Aslan and the cracking of the Stone Table

We hope you'll join us On the Trail!

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