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April 17, 2023

43: SOUL-L (Part 2: Occult)

On The Trail
On The Trail
43: SOUL-L (Part 2: Occult)

Show Notes

If sin is like leaving your front door unlocked for the enemy, the occult is like throwing open the garage door and hosting a block party.

We are in the midst of looking at five main areas where the devil claims ground in our lives. The goal is to help us know where to revoke permissions and use our authority to reclaim that surrendered ground. These five areas can be remembered with the acrostic SOUL-L.

In today's episode we are looking at the “O” – occult. How do we recognize it? How do we deal with it?

This is a big topic, but we've got some principles, some stories, and, of course, an acrostic for you.

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