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Stay On the Trail toward a Deeper Walk with God with father-daughter duo Marcus & Stephanie Warner. Listen in on conversations about important models and concepts that inform the way we live the Christian life. We’ll talk philosophy, theology, and practical issues related to heart-focused discipleship.

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How do the Kingdom and the Kosmos inform our identity? The Kingdom teaches us how to see reality, God, and ourselves as God sees. In Christ, the Kingdom gives us our New Covenant identity.  The Kosmos involves the world, the flesh, and the devil working together to give us an identity. In this episode, we […]

You are not beyond repair. There is hope for you and for your children to grow and repair your identity formation for your whole life. Last episode we talked about attachment-based identity. This episode, we’re pushing into the hope of joyful identity, looking at childhood development and the possibility for growth and repair in adults.

From our brain's perspective, identity is always relational. Our brains work from right to left, from attachment to beliefs. As we embark into this identity series, we begin with an understanding of how attachment affects our identity. In this episode, we look at Scripture and brain science, digging into the fascinating idea of how the brain […]

Time for a new series! We’re looking at personal identity formation from brain science and biblical realities. Why does identity matter? How did God design us to form our identity? What does the Bible teach us about our identity? What can we do to overcome obstacles and repair holes that keep us from living out […]

Anxiety, VCR, Community, Joy – We cover it all in this episode based on your questions as we celebrate one year On the Trail together! We have gifts for you in this episode, including 1 month free of Learning Library Premium. Visit the Online Learning tab at our website and use code “streamfree” when you […]

What story is your brain telling you? Is it true? In this episode, we wrap up our discussion about the joy elevator and the pain processing pathway with a closer look at the brain’s narrative engine.

“Show, don’t tell” is the thing to remember for resolving pain stuck at Level 4 of the pain processing pathway. In this episode, we start celebrating OTT’s 1-year anniversary, and we camp out on level 4 of the pain processing pathway. 

When the joy elevator in our brain gets stuck, our pain isn’t able to fully process. In this episode, we continue to unpack the joy elevator and the five levels of the pain processing pathway. 

Sometimes the joy elevator in our brain gets stuck and our pain isn’t able to fully process. In order for suffering to keep from becoming traumatic, our brains need to process the pain at all five levels of the pain processing pathway. In this episode, we begin to unpack the joy elevator and the pain […]

It’s no secret – negativity robs our joy. Toxic thoughts can imprison us in unpleasant emotions. How do we get free and return to joy? In the next phase of our joy series, we’re discussing some of the brain science of toxic thoughts and strategies for how to replace them.

When emotions are dragging, there is an amygdala to soothe.  In this episode we finish our discussion about how to tame the amygdala and return to joy when we find ourselves trapped in one of the big six negative emotions.

We’re continuing our joy series with a little brain science. When something triggers the amygdala as “personal,” it sends out a signal of good, bad, or scary. If bad or scary is signaled, it triggers one of six emotions: sadness, shame, disgust, despair, anger, or fear.  For the next two episodes, we are talking about […]

Would you describe your inner world as joyful?   Whether conscious of it or not, most of us live out of an inner world of fear or joy. Last episode we talked about tearing down that inner fear house. In this episode, we are talking about building an inner joy house. Building a joy house can […]

Let’s tear down the house of fear and build a house of joy. Last episode we introduced Joy Bonds. Our brains are designed to run on the fuel of joy, but they can default to fear. In this episode we’re looking at the counterpart—fear bonds. 

A joy-filled life is possible. Let’s talk about how to cultivate one. Marcus says two words blew up his old paradigm: Joy Bonds. His old paradigm said belief + choice = transformation, but what about joy and attachment?  We’re starting down a new trail for the summer where we explore the transformative nature of joy, […]

Did your ancestors open the door to the devil?  We are wrapping up our series on the acrostic SOUL-L, which looks at five common areas where the devil claims ground in our lives and how to reclaim that surrendered ground. Today’s episode addresses lineage. Sometimes the enemy has permission to work in our lives because of the […]

Can believing a lie give the devil permission to my life? We are in the midst of looking at five common areas where the devil claims ground in our lives and how to reclaim that surrendered ground. Today’s episode looks at lies we believe. The devil is the “father of lies” (John 8:44). When we […]

We are in the midst of looking at five main areas where the devil claims ground in our lives and how to reclaim that surrendered ground. Today's episode looks at unforgiveness. The remedy for unforgiveness is forgiveness. In this episode we talk about what forgiveness is and what it is not. 

If sin is like leaving your front door unlocked for the enemy, the occult is like throwing open the garage door and hosting a block party. We are in the midst of looking at five main areas where the devil claims ground in our lives. The goal is to help us know where to revoke permissions and […]

For the next few episodes we are looking at five main areas where the devil claims ground in our lives. These five areas can be remembered with the acrostic SOUL-L: Sin, the Occult, Unforgiveness, Lies we believe, and Lineage. Today's episode gives the overview of these five areas and then starts unpacking Sin.

Satan thought he had defeated Christ at the cross only to discover that Jesus had completely flipped the tables on him. Christ is Victor.  At the cross, Jesus Christ disarmed the principalities and powers and canceled the debt against us (Col. 2:14-15). This victory is the foundation of our freedom and our authority in Christ. […]

In this episode, we look over the various main approaches to spiritual warfare – from power encounters to a legal understanding. From there we examine the legal approach, digging into the concept of permission and authority. 

In this episode, we dig into some Scripture that exposes the devil's nature, and we begin to talk about some strategies for breaking and staying free of the enemy and his snares. 

Last episode we talked about R.E.A.L. Prayer and how to invite Jesus into our emotional healing. This episode we are digging deeper into that discussion and looking at some of the obstacles people encounter when engaging in inner healing prayer. Are your relational circuits off? Are you encountering demonic interference? Is it possible that a […]

Your Hosts

Father-Daughter Duo Marcus & Stephanie Warner

Dr. Marcus Warner

Dr. Marcus Warner has served as president of Deeper Walk International since 2006. Marcus earned three degrees from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School – M.Div., Th.M. Old Testament, and D.Min. He has written numerous books and spoken for both ministry and corporate groups across the country and around the world. A Bible teacher at heart, Marcus has taught Old Testament and Theology at the junior high, high school, college, and seminary levels. His passion is taking complex topics and making them practical and accessible for everyone.

Stephanie Warner

Stephanie Warner is the publishing coordinator at Deeper Walk International and has served as the editor for over a dozen books including Building Bounce, The Pandora Problem, Understanding the Wounded Heart, and Strategic Business Prayer. Classically educated, Stephanie has taught Latin and ancient history and has a passion for helping Christians understand the epicness of a biblical worldview. Stephanie is also an aspiring novelist who specializes in epic fantasy for adults. She is finishing up her master’s degree in Biblical Studies from Asbury Theological Seminary.

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