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Attune to Attach – E-Institute

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This training and its application will change your relationships with those closest to you and a growing circle of deeper friendships. Good attachment repairs the depth of our soul helping us be who God made us to be.

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How to grow an ever increasing “Earned Secure” Attachment through attuning with one another.

Developing the skills needed to attune with one another. A course to prepare us to love one another wisely.

This course is one in a series designed to help us understand God’s design. We become aware of how we have been relationally compromised and how to restore one another in love.

Attuning builds the groundwork for close and safe relationships. A good relational attachment pattern enables us to heal from trauma and become emotionally mature.


Learn about Attachment Patterns

There are 4 main attachment pattern categories:

  1. Secure
  2. Dismissive
  3. Anxious/ Distracted
  4. Disorganized

We may have more than one . . .

  • Important for us to grow in awareness of our own attachment styles, so as to not be ‘driven by them’, but increasingly in control of them.
  • Important for us to understand what is happening within people we are relating with so as to be better able to connect meaningfully.

Our Goal: Grow into an ever increasing “Earned Secure”


Emotional Attunement at the 5 Levels of the Relational Brain

The relational brain includes 4 levels of the right brain and the left brain. Each level of the relational brain has different relational functions.

Each level of the relational brain is described.

The course offers insights into how these levels behave.

  • What happens when it is overly agitated?
  • What is needed to improve each level’s capacity and capability?
  • Exercise helps us be aware of and improve
    our relational brain.


Making Attunement Practical

We can learn to see how we are doing relationally through new glasses. Exercises and self-assessment guide us to greater relational awareness.

This awareness and the skills outlined in this course make attuning practical with family, friends, church and your community.


Immanuel Attuned With Me

We learn how “thought rhyming” with Immanuel and with one another brings us peace together. Being “in sync” with one another feels like we are close and deeply understanding one another. We can be close to Immanuel like He is under our skin and with us.

We use all our brain while we see and feel Immanuel‘s perspective of other’s and life circumstances.

Exercises help us be aware of Immanuel communicating with us. He sees us, He hears us, He can feel our feelings. He speaks to us about His seeing us, understanding us and what we are feeling. He speaks deeply to our hearts, our identity, our place in life and our misunderstandings about what we believe about ourselves.


Pastoral Care Minister

Maribeth Poole is ordained through Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Wichita Kansas. Maribeth counseled 15 years for Shepherd’s House.

During her years of practice she co-authored the book The Life Model: Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You and Bringing the Life Model to Life Study Guide. She wrote a guide for new parents to help them joyfully develop the mind of their baby called Joyful Beginnings Baby Book Guide.

Maribeth’s holistic ministry approach is centered in God’s design for our brains and His Word concerning relationships. She covers current and past trauma, relationships, spirituality and the emotional maturity process. Maribeth has specialized training in brain development and healing the effects of sexual abuse, dissociation, ritual abuse and church relationships.

Maribeth was born in Nigeria to missionary parents. She attended a missionary boarding school through 9th grade finishing High School in the U.S. She has a BS degree from Columbia Bible College and her masters in Biblical Counseling from Grace Theological Seminary.

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