Core Course 2 – Spiritual Warfare




Spiritual warfare is not just dramatic stories from foreign lands, paranormal activity and demons inhabiting people. All of that can happen, and it is good to know how to deal with it if you have to, but most spiritual warfare happens as a battle for the mind. This course will focus on the role of spiritual warfare in helping people get free from the strongholds that keep them stuck.

These 8 videos, taught by Dr. Marcus Warner, include:

  • Session 1: A Warfare Worldview
  • Session 2: Warfare Basics
  •  Session 3: Christians and Demons
  •  Session 4: Sin and Soul Ties
  •  Session 5: Occult Involvement
  •  Session 6: Unforgiveness
  •  Session 7: Lineage
  •  Session 8: Warfare Ministry

NOTE: this product is for individual use and is not for small group or church/organizational showing.

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