Core Course 3 – Emotional Healing




The courses of the Deeper Walk Institute provide an overview of discipleship (course 1), spiritual warfare (course 2), and emotional healing (course 3). This course will explain a core model for understanding the wounded heart and look at a variety of issues related to the emotional healing journey. Many of the concepts in this course build on those taught in the first two courses, so it is recommended that you take these classes in order.

These 8 videos, taught by Dr. Marcus Warner, include:

  • Session 1 – Understanding the Wounded Heart
  • Session 2 – Listening Prayer and Warfare
  • Session 3 – Knowledge, Bonding, and Skill Building
  • Session 4 – Brain Science and Capacity
  • Session 5 – Maturity
  • Session 6 – Disgust and Shame
  • Session 7 – Sadness and Despair
  • Session 8 – Anxiety and Anger

NOTE: this product is for individual use and is not for small group or church/organizational showing.

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