Core Course 4 – Advanced Issues




The wounds of the heart are real for everyone. Painful past experiences plow open the soil of our hearts and healing is needed. For some, these wounds are deeper and more complex, requiring someone with compassion and competency to walk alongside them for an extended time. Course 4 equips those ministering to the deeply wounded.

These 8 videos, taught by Dr. Marcus Warner, include:

  • Session 1: Ministry to the Deeply Wounded
  • Session 2: Dealing with Dissociation
  • Session 3: Dealing with Demons
  • Session 4: Dealing with the Occult
  • Session 5: Dealing with Addiction
  • Session 6: Dealing with Eating Disorders
  • Session 7: Dealing with Sexual Bondage
  • Session 8:  Dealing with Narcissism

NOTE: this product is for individual use and is not for small group or church/organizational showing.

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