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AUTOMATICALLY INCLUDED FOR FREE | Core Course 1 – Heart-Focused Discipleship

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AUTOMATICALLY INCLUDED FOR FREE | Core Course 1 – Heart-Focused Discipleship

Course One of the Deeper Walk Institute explains the foundations of heart-focused discipleship. This is core discipleship material that every Christian needs to understand. You will learn how heart-focused discipleship is different than traditional discipleship and four core issues that can help you get unstuck and get moving in your walk with God.

Core Course 2 – Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare is not just dramatic stories from foreign lands, paranormal activity and demons inhabiting people. All of that can happen, and it is good to know how to deal with it if you have to, but most spiritual warfare happens as a battle for the mind. This course will focus on the role of spiritual warfare in helping people get free from the strongholds that keep them stuck.

Core Course 3 – Emotional Healing

The courses of the Deeper Walk Institute provide an overview of discipleship (course 1), spiritual warfare (course 2), and emotional healing (course 3). This course will explain a core model for understanding the wounded heart and look at a variety of issues related to the emotional healing journey. Many of the concepts in this course build on those taught in the first two courses, so it is recommended that you take these classes in order.

Core Course 4 – Advanced Issues

The wounds of the heart are real for everyone. Painful past experiences plow open the soil of our hearts and healing is needed. For some, these wounds are deeper and more complex, requiring someone with compassion and competency to walk alongside them for an extended time. Course 4 equips those ministering to the deeply wounded.


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