Fall 2023 Building Bounce Deeper Dive w/ Stefanie Hinman

Fall 2023 Building Bounce Deeper Dive

Tuesdays 7:30p-9p (Eastern) || Sept 5 - Oct 24, 2023

If you want to increase your own capacity to live with greater joy and less stress, despite your circumstances, this Building Bounce Deeper Dive can help!

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An 8-Week Interactive Small Group on “Building Bounce”

Let’s face it, life is just plain hard sometimes! Everyone will experience adversity at some point. Emotional capacity is the key to navigating adversity well. The more emotional capacity you have, the more hardship you can handle before you get overwhelmed and either melt down, shut down or blow up. The good news is that it is never too late to build more emotional capacity.

Blessed Are The Resilient, For They Shall Bounce Back!

The book, Building Bounce: How To Grow Emotional Resilience, by Dr. Marcus Warner and Stefanie Hinman was written to explain the theory behind growing emotional resilience and provide practical tools you can use in a variety of settings, such as growing your own emotional capacity, parenting children in ways that build joy, and helping others.

Now you have an opportunity to join an 8-week Small Group led by Building Bounce co-author, and Christian Counselor, Stefanie Hinman!

What Does This Course Entail?

In this live, online interactive Small Group, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Listen to the authors teach through the key concepts of ‘Building Bounce.’
  • Grow in a relational environment as you discuss what you are learning with the group.
  • Practice skill-building exercises designed to help you grow your emotional resilience.
  • Build stronger connections with God and others that grow emotional capacity.
  • Engage in Q&A with co-author and resilience expert, Stefanie Hinman.

How Will I Benefit From Taking This Course?

In this hands-on learning environment, you’ll come away with:

  • A game plan for growing your own emotional resilience.
  • Tools and exercises you can share with others to help them build more ‘bounce.’
  • Understanding of how to grow your ‘joy bucket’ and build stronger neural pathways.
  • How to quiet yourself from upsetting emotions.
  • Strategies for winning the battle for your mind.
  • Guidance on how to form stronger relational connections with God and others.

If you want to increase your own capacity to live with greater joy and less stress, despite your circumstances, Building Bounce can help. This small group study can equip you to understand how to grow your emotional capacity and resilience so you can bounce back more quickly from the difficulties of life that come your way.


COURSE DETAILS: This interactive, online course will run from 7:30- 9:00pm Eastern on 8 Tuesday nights, from Sept 5 – Oct 24, 2023.

COURSE CONTENT: Groups will involve live teaching with Stefanie Hinman, and video teaching by Dr. Marcus Warner, interactive group discussion, Q&A with your facilitator, and practical interactive exercises. Readings in the book, Building Bounce, will also be assigned to be read outside of class.

COST: The cost per person for this 8-week interactive group is $139.99 (less than $18 per session). If you prefer, you can make two monthly payments (one when you place your order, then 30 days later).

ADD A FAMILY MEMBER FOR 50% OFF: If you would like your spouse or other family member to join you, select the “Pair” option. You can add them for half-price! Pairs should join meetings on different devices. Recordings will belong on the Deeper Walk account that paid for the registration.

RECORDINGS: Once you purchase this class, you ‘own’ it and can log in to view the teaching videos at your convenience. Class interaction videos are not recorded.

COURSE TEXTBOOK: The book this course is tied to is, Building Bounce: How to Grow Emotional Resilience, by Marcus Warner and Stefanie Hinman. The book is central to this course, and each participant will need a copy to read and refer to. Order your copy today so you can keep up with weekly reading assignments and engage in the group discussion. You can order your copy here.

ZOOM MEETINGS: Attend the live, interactive small group classes each week on Zoom. The teaching portion of these meetings will also be recorded so you can view the recording of any session you miss (videos will normally be available 2 days after the live event).

SPACE IS LIMITED: Register today to reserve your spot in this dynamic, interactive course!

DISCLAIMER: While a proven model for growing emotional resilience based on Scripture and neuroscience is presented in the book and small group that has helped numerous individuals increase their emotional capacity and resilience, no guarantees are made regarding what kinds of results you will see in applying what you learn to your life and relationships.

QUESTIONS? Email su*****@de*********************.org


Founder of Healing Expressions

Stefanie Hinman (Board-Certified Christian Counselor and Registered Art Therapist) is the founder of Healing Expressions, LLC where she works with individuals, families, schools, and organizations in the areas of trauma healing and recovery, crisis intervention, and building resilient kids, families, and communities.

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