JGR0620LP | Immanuel and the Word | Mondays at 7:30 PM Central (8 Wks)

$30.00 / month for 2 months

Going Deeper with Immanuel is a Journey Group Elective that provides you an opportunity to learn practices that will strengthen your connection with God while building relationships with your group members. Group price is per month.

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We were made for relationship with God.

Immanuel & the Word provides an opportunity for you to learn practices that will deepen your connection to God. We will gradually add a new practice each week including quieting, appreciation, Bible reflection (Lectio Divina) active listening, attunement, Immanuel journaling, asking God for what we want and need and pursuing an Immanuel lifestyle.  One of our goals is to keep our relational circuits on for the entire gathering. This is an 8 week elective.

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