JGR1020CV | Pandora Problem | Thursdays at 12:45 PM Eastern

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We all need a community where we can connect, learn, share, and belong. Walking with God was never meant to be a solo experience; its a relational experience! We’ve discovered many Christians are looking for these types of communities without any success.

A lack of belonging can lead to isolation and block your path to a deeper walk with God.

Deeper Walk has taken the initiative to provide small group gatherings online where relationships are formed and fostered, God is central, and fabulous content is discussed. We call these communities Journey Groups.

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Small Group Study on “The Pandora Problem”

In the groundbreaking book, “The Pandora Problem: Facing Narcissism in Leaders & Ourselves,” Dr. Jim Wilder rips the cover off the dreaded Pandora’s box, giving us a clear view of both the problem and the surprising solution. Dr. Wilder offers us a new paradigm that moves us away from the individualized therapy model toward the need for identity groups that help each other learn how to love our enemies.

Whether you are seeking help for someone you love, or desiring to grow in your own emotional maturity and relational health, this small group study can help you understand the dynamics involved in narcissism and equip you to respond redemptively to narcissism when you encounter it.

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