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The Deeper Walk Learning Library is a treasury of content-rich video presentations you can instantly access that will guide you into an ever-deepening walk with God.

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Imagine having these experts walk alongside you as personal field guides

The Deeper Walk Learning Library is the ultimate heart-focused discipleship collection.

encounter profound teaching from experts

Learn from the Experts

Gain practical insights and transferable tools for overcoming obstacles

Gain Practical Insight

Develop skills that build your relationship with God and others

Develop Skills to Help You Go Deeper with God and Others

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Gain unlimited access to all of the 100+ hours of video resources in the service!

You’ll discover incredible “gold” in these videos as you explore talks from almost every Deeper Walk conference and class we’ve offered, in topics like:

  • Heart-Focused Discipleship
  • Spiritual Warfare & Emotional Healing
  • Brain Science & Relational Skills
  • Marriage & Parenting
  • Leadership & Biblical Foundations

The current value of this collection far exceeds the small monthly investment, and with new presentations being added regularly, the value of your membership will consistently increase.

Watch or listen anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection, or on your mobile network, anytime of the day as often as you like. The Learning Library works with your computer, tablet, iPad, smart phone, and more.

Learning Library Premium

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