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The Body, the Brain & Breakthrough Conference


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This livestream conference happened on April 13. But if you missed it, you can still catch the recordings!


Here are 3 great reasons to register for “The Body, the Brain & Breakthrough” Online Conference!

  1. You get to learn from two of the leading experts on the brain, attachment, and relational maturity!
  2. You will learn practical strategies for dealing with the two engines through which all emotions flow.
  3. All this would normally be a $99 value, but we let you name your own price to make sure as many of you can attend as possible.

Register today and you’ll be given access to session recordings & notes that you can come back whenever you like!

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Suggested price: $99.00

Suggested price: $99.00

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What do your Body & Brain have to do with Breakthrough?

The body and brain are the only 2 physical engines that drive our emotions.

Whether it’s left brain beliefs, right brain attachments, or the body itself, all 3 engines function like two-way streets when it comes to emotions. Our emotions can affect the engines and the engines can affect our emotions.

(We’ve all experienced how when we are stuck in negative thoughts, it can adversely affect our relationships, and vice versa).

Thankfully, we are not at the mercy of our brains or our bodies! When we understand how God designed these things to work, we can apply this knowledge to our lives in a way that can lead to greater freedom, healing, and maturity…in other words, breakthrough!

For this conference, Dr. Marcus Warner asked two of the most cutting-edge thinkers in neuroscience and theology today to join him.

Who is this For?

This conference is designed for anyone who wants to learn more about the engines that drive our emotions and how they affect our mental, relational, and spiritual health. This is designed to help you accelerate your own journey toward emotional, relational, and spiritual maturity, and to equip people helpers (counselors, coaches, ministry leaders) to come alongside those they serve more effectively

Because this is a “Name Your Own Price” event, this is a great resource you can share with friends and family as well as church leaders and missionaries!

Here’s What You’ll Get

When you register for this online conference, you will receive:

  • Recordings: Video recordings of each session to watch at your convenience within 1 week of the live event (after April 19).
  • Notes: Downloadable and printable notes and PDF Slides of presentations.
  • Longterm access to these materials that you can come back to at any time.

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore how the brain and body impact our emotional, relational, and spiritual health. This is a great opportunity to learn practical insights from veteran Christian leaders who can help you live with greater freedom and joy in your relationship with God and others.


Why is it “Name Your Own Price?”

In these difficult times, we want to equip God’s people to live and walk in joy and freedom that Christ purchased for us. At Deeper Walk, our name is our mission. We exist to help people experience a deeper walk with God, and we don’t want money to stand in the way of anyone who wants to attend this training. Generous donors make it possible for us to provide a variety of free resources such as our podcast, webinars, some conferences, and more.

Session 1: How God Designed the Body and Brain to Make Us Emotional/Relational Beings

Session 2: The Firewall Around My True Self

Session 3 : Relational Spirituality in Coaching: Creating a Secure Base to Help People Flourish

Session 4 - Where to Go From Here



  • Dr. Jim Wilder (Neurotheologian, Life Model Works, Author of Renovated: God, Dallas Willard, & the Church That Transforms)
  • Dr. Todd Hall (Professor, Biola University’s Rosemead School of Psychology, Author of Relational Spirituality)
  • Dr. Marcus Warner (President, Deeper Walk, Author of Breakthrough! 5 Essential Strategies for Freedom, Healing, & Wholeness)

That’s three generations of experts, sharing incredible insights to help you grow stronger in your relationship with God and others!

Schedule & Session Descriptions

This online conference was broadcast live on April 13, 2024.

  • Session 1 – “How God Designed the Body and Brain to Make us Emotional/Relational Beings” – Marcus Warner
  • Session 2 – “The Firewall Around My True Self” – Jim Wilder
  • Session 3 – “Relational Spirituality in Coaching: Creating a Secure Base to Help People Flourish” – Todd Hall
  • Session 4 – “Where to go from Here” – Marcus Warner

Session 1 – How God Designed the Body and Brain to Make Us Emotional/Relational Beings – Marcus Warner

Overview: In this session, Dr. Marcus Warner unpacks the connection between emotions, the body and the brain. Every emotion begins in the brain and is experienced in the body. This presentation explores the idea of consciousness and the mystery surrounding the mind and the brain. It also explains the development of the brain’s emotional regulation system, the peripheral nervous system, and the five engines that drive our emotions.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • An overview of how emotions are related to the body and the brain.
  • Insight into the mystery of consciousness by looking at the relationship between mind and body.
  • An introduction to the role of the peripheral nervous system in the emotional regulation process.
  • An understanding of the 5 engines that drive our emotions.

Session 2 – The Firewall Around My True Self – Jim Wilder

Overview: Brennan Manning said, “The false self is frustrated because he never hears God’s voice. He cannot, since God sees no one there.” We can easily develop a performance-based false self that lives an unprotected life managing its image to the world, the flesh, and the devil. Our true self is protected by a “firewall” in the brain that limits who can change our identities to those who are attached to us. As we mature, the conditions for developing our true self also change. Most Christians and churches get trapped changing the image of their false self rather than growing their true self.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Where we keep identity in our brain (the true self, and the false self)
  • 4 deadly Ps that shape the false self
  • The firewall around identity
  • How identity changes with maturity
  • The true self is behind a firewall but the false self is not

Session 3 – Relational Spirituality in Coaching: Creating a Secure Base to Help People Flourish – Todd Hall

Overview: Social disconnection is on the rise. As a result, many Christians feel disconnected, leading to unhealthy relational patterns, spiritual struggles, and ineffective ministry. How, then, do we help people cultivate authentic relational connection with God and others? In this presentation, you’ll learn how to apply the Relational Spirituality model (Hall, 2021), including an attachment lens, to the roles of coaching and discipleship. We’ll explore strategies for creating a secure base using a tool called the comfort-challenge matrix. We’ll also cover how to tailor interventions for different attachment styles.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The impact of the connection crisis on our spirituality
  • A research-backed model for spiritual growth through relationship
  • How to identify your attachment tendencies to accelerate your personal and spiritual development
  • How to use the Attachment Filter Matrix to customize interventions to your clients’ unique needs
  • A scientifically backed tool – the Comfort-Challenge Matrix – to help others unleash their potential

Session 4 – Where to Go From Here – Marcus Warner

Overview: Marcus shares practical tools, resources, and next steps for you to consider to help you take what you learned at this event and apply it to your life.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • A review of the 5 engines that drive our emotions.
  • Practical next steps for continued learning and application of the 5 Engines Growth Model.


If you have questions or need any assistance visit our FAQ page or contact us.

This 2024 Online Christian Conference addresses issues related to freedom in Christ, emotional healing, hesed / heart-focused community, attachment theory, maturity, relational skills, and more.


Deeper Walk International President

Marcus Warner has served as president of Deeper Walk International since 2006. Marcus earned three degrees from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School – M.Div., Th.M. Old Testament, and D.Min. He has written numerous books and spoken for both ministry and corporate groups across the country and around the world. A Bible teacher at heart, Marcus has taught Old Testament and Theology at the junior high, high school, college, and seminary levels. His passion is taking complex topics and making them practical and accessible for everyone.

Founder Life Model Works

Dr. Jim Wilder (Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, and M.A. Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary) has been training leaders and counselors for over 27 years on five continents. He is the author of multiple books with a strong focus on maturing and relationship skills for leaders. His coauthored book Living From the Heart Jesus Gave You has sold over 100,000 copies and is printed in eleven languages. Wilder has published numerous articles and developed four sets of video and relational leadership training called THRIVE.

He is the founder and chief neurotheologian of Life Model Works, a nonprofit working at the intersection of brain science and theology that is building contagiously healthy Christian communities through equipping existing networks with the skills to thrive. Dr. Wilder has extensive counseling experience and has served as a guest lecturer at Fuller Seminary, Biola, Talbot Seminary, Point Loma University, Montreat College, Tyndale Seminary and elsewhere.

Psychologist, Author, Speaker

Dr. Todd Hall is a Professor of Psychology at Biola University’s Rosemead School of Psychology, and serves as a Faculty Affiliate in the Harvard Human Flourishing Program.

Dr. Hall teaches in areas such as attachment theory, spiritual formation, and the integration of psychology and theology. He is an award-winning author and researcher, focusing on relational approaches to spiritual formation, virtue, and leadership.

Dr. Hall has written/contributed to seven books. His latest books, Relational Spirituality and The Connected Life, articulate a comprehensive relational spirituality paradigm for transformation. He is the founder of the Relational Spirituality Academy ( where he offers training to Christian leaders in the RS framework for spiritual formation and coaching.

Dr. Hall is a licensed psychologist and holds an MA and PhD in clinical psychology from Rosemead School of Psychology and an MA and doctoral specialization in measurement and psychometrics from UCLA.

He and his wife, Dr. Liz Hall, also a professor at Rosemead, have two adult sons. They enjoy traveling and hanging out together at Disneyland.

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