Sometimes You Need a Warm Fuzzy

Sometimes you need a “warm fuzzy”

I dragged my feet into my office with the grief of my brother’s recent death from a motorcycle accident weighing heavily on me. How could I focus on work and manage my team with sadness and grief overwhelming me? I sighed, the knot in my stomach tightening as I dropped my bag and stowed my purse in a drawer.

Then I noticed it—a heart-shaped sticky note with a purple fuzzball attached to it. The note read simply: “Sometimes you need a warm fuzzy.” I smiled. Somebody—my supervisor, in this case—understood. This time, the sigh that escaped my lips was one of relief. I felt my shoulders relax as the weight of my sadness lightened with that simple note. I wasn’t alone. I was seen and understood.

As the day went on, I found more “warm fuzzies.” A red one in my pencil drawer. A yellow one on the clock over my door. More hidden in the file cabinet. Each time I found one, I smiled again, and the knot in my stomach loosened.

One simple act of kindness made an amazing difference for me in my ability to function and lead my team that day. Now, years later, I still smile—and maybe tear up just a little—as I remember those warm fuzzies and my supervisor, who made sure I wasn’t alone in my sadness.

This is the power of joy. And it really didn’t take much time. Just a little thought, and five minutes to stash some inexpensive craft items that were likely taking up space in a junk drawer. I’m sure she had fun finding hiding places for them!

What can you do to spread a little joy in this dark world? How can you let someone know they are not invisible, but seen and appreciated? It can be as simple as a sticky note on a coworker’s computer. I often will text a quick prayer to someone who hasn’t heard from me in a while. You can hold the door open for someone with a warm smile. With a little thought, you might make someone’s day.

You may be surprised how much fun YOU have finding ways to spread some joy!

Dawn Whitestone

Dawn Whitestone

Dawn Whitestone (MA, LMHC) currently serves as the Director of the Deeper Walk School of Ministry. She is also the Founding Partner & Chief Growth Catalyst at WhiteStone Professionals.


  • Great reminder of how simple it is to pass on Joy if we are just a bit more intentional❤️❤️❤️

    • Absolutely, Ruth! It’s the little things, isn’t it?! Thanks for responding to Dawn’s blog post- I’ll make sure to pass it along.

  • What seems like the simplest gestures are often the most meaningful because of the thought involved and the love motivating the action. Thank you for this reminder Dawn.

    • It’s the little things, isn’t it, Wendi? Hope your world is full of lots of little beautiful things today!
      I’ll pass your encouraging words onto Dawn:)

  • You were noticed and appreciated with kindness and the expression of Love. I send you a “Virtual Hug.” Have a God filled day 🙂

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