Blanca Cisneros

Certified RARE Leadership Trainer and Coach

Certified Coach Blanca Cisneros has served in ministry over 40 years as a Counselor, Teacher, Mentor and in Healing ministry. She herself has transformed overcoming limiting mindsets, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors, that were keeping her stuck, hindering her potential. Her passion is to encourage and inspire others to grow and has helped hundreds of individuals, families and youth gain freedom to live out their potential and purpose. As a RARE Leadership Certified Trainer and Coach, Blanca has facilitated RARE community groups locally, nationally and internationally, helping others implement the RARE skills. She is also a John Maxwell Certified Coach and teaches Mastermind groups and workshops which facilitate personal growth and leadership development. Her work encourages growth in emotional maturity and relational skills, promotes a strong group identity and helps create a culture of belonging. Individuals and organizations experience increased productivity and success, both personally and professionally. Blanca is Founder of Free To Be Coaching and lives in California. Married for 35 years, she and her husband raised four children and have three grandchildren. For more information or personal coaching, visit her website:

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