Daniel Rumberger


Dan Rumberger

PsyD, Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Rumberger has been a licensed Psychologist since 1982. He lives and practices in Colorado and also retains his license in Iowa, where he helped establish ICBC (the precursor of Deeper Walk) in 1988, serving on its staff for many years. Our founder, Mark Bubeck, dubbed him the “Rare Bird”, due to his holding a doctorate in Psychology while having a biblical worldview that embraces the reality of spiritual warfare. The oldest (in any sense of the word!) Deeper Walk Board member, Dan established a robust legacy of ICBC/Deeper Walk biennial conferences that, for the first time, brought together many of the likeminded ministry partners who continue to serve the Body of Christ alongside Deeper Walk International. He and Susanna have been married for 50 years.

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