dr josef tson


Josef Tson

Evangelist; former President, Romanian Missionary Society

The life and message of Dr. Tson demonstrates how to conquer fear. During the dictatorship of President Ceausescu in Romania, Dr. Tson wrote a paper on the principles of God’s way of life and gave the president a copy. Dr. Tson was immediately arrested and threatened with death if he did not rescind what he had written. His reply was a calm loving smile. The police demanded, “Why are you smiling?” He then revealed the secrets that overcame his fear and won the admiration of his captors.

Dr. Tson although “retired,” continues his ministry of writing, preaching, and evangelism. He was a visionary who preached the downfall of Communism in his country and was exiled by the Communist government for taking a stand in the defense of Christians abused by the regime. For years he spoke on the radio, known as “the pastor from Radio Free Europe.”

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