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In this classic four part series, Dr. Jim Wilder reviews the formal neurological bases behind attachment theory on a brain-matter level. Learn how joy bonds form the most necessary identity foundations in healthy human beings. This presentation is the nuts and bolts behind how many Christian psychologists understand human development and what drives our commitment to whole-brain living, joyful community, and enjoying a true deeper walk with God!


Developing "Joy Strength" and the Capacity to Persevere

Dr. Wilder reviews how our brains grow and attach to other persons in its world. He shares what joy has to do with how we develop and how God has designed the human person to grow and develop through joyful attachment with Himself and others made in His image.

Trauma, It's Impact and Implications for Recovery

What happens to our brains when we experience suffering or hardship that is just too much for us to handle and we’re alone? How can we recover God’s ideal for our growth and maturity when we’ve endured such difficulty? Dr. Wilder shares hope for healing from emotional and attachment trauma through strategically and intentionally growing and recovering joy bond strength.

From Dread to Joy: Dealing with Borderline Problems

Dr. Wilder reviews the need for healthy joy bonds and stabilizing upset personalities. He compassionately shares his experiences and observations helping the hurting while offering analysis for what is biologically malfunctioning in the brain during trauma and offering hope for recovering from borderline problems.

Finishing Well: Returning to Joy - Personally and Corporately

If joy is the basis for our individual and corporate identities, whether biologically or spiritually, then the skill we may be most desperately in need of is how to Return to Joy. Dr Wilder reviews the human brain’s biological dependence on joy for healthy growth and development before sharing strategies and opportunities for growing our joy strength- the ability return to a joyful state of being in the midst of hardship.


Founder Life Model Works

Dr. Jim Wilder (Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, and M.A. Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary) has been training leaders and counselors for over 27 years on five continents. He is the author of multiple books with a strong focus on maturing and relationship skills for leaders. His coauthored book Living From the Heart Jesus Gave You has sold over 100,000 copies and is printed in eleven languages. Wilder has published numerous articles and developed four sets of video and relational leadership training called THRIVE.

He is the founder and chief neurotheologian of Life Model Works, a nonprofit working at the intersection of brain science and theology that is building contagiously healthy Christian communities through equipping existing networks with the skills to thrive. Dr. Wilder has extensive counseling experience and has served as a guest lecturer at Fuller Seminary, Biola, Talbot Seminary, Point Loma University, Montreat College, Tyndale Seminary and elsewhere.

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