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Healthy relationships are key to the abundant life we all desire, but can we make them stick?

Ed Khouri insists the key ingredient that makes good attachments stick is grace. So, what does grace look like in relationships? Why is it impactful? After answering these questions, Ed will also shed light on how grace leads to a change of identity, which is imperative if we are to become more and more like Jesus.

Realize the transformative power of grace and make your relationships stick!



Equipping Hearts Director

Ed is a pastoral counselor who has been working with hurting people since 1980. He has a B.A. in Behavioral and Social Sciences and his Master’s Program was at the University of Florida. He was ordained in 1988 and is the director of Equipping Hearts.

Ed has worked extensively as a counselor, trainer, and writer. He has worked with substance abusers and their families in diverse settings, including outpatient counseling, jails, transitional housing for homeless addicts, and in all phases of residential treatment. He is a co-creator of Thriving: Recover Your Life Program. He helped develop the Connexus Curriculum authoring the Restarting Workbook and Facilitator’s Guide for Connexus. and co-authoring Belonging. Ed is also the co-author of the book, Joy Starts Here.

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