Proactive Prayer – Finding Clarity, Direction & Focus

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Would you like clearer direction and a sense of God’s leading as you move forward into the next season?

In this one-hour webinar, Dawn Whitestone, author of Strategic Business Prayer, shares tools and tips on how to prepare your heart, mind, and spirit for what God has in store for you in the season ahead. Dawn guides business owners, church leaders and anyone who sees their work as a calling through a prayerful strategic planning process. You’ll find out more about that process and have an opportunity to use one of the tools that are part of that process.

God has good plans for you! Learn more about working with Him to understand and implement those plans.

NOTE: This webinar was recorded right before we entered 2020. However the tools and principles are helpful in finding direction and focus as you prepare to enter any new season.


Proactive Prayer - Finding Clarity, Direction & Focus


Director, Deeper Walk School of Ministry

Dawn Whitestone (MA, LMHC) serves as the Director of the Deeper Walk School of Ministry. She is also the Founding Partner & Chief Growth Catalyst at WhiteStone Professionals. Her passion is growing people and organizations into their full potential.

Dawn has served as an executive coach, strategic planner, and training designer. Her unique approach to following God’s purposes and plans is captured in the book Strategic Business Prayer and its companion workbook.

Dawn’s zest for joyful living is rooted in a strong family, vibrant faith, and familiarity with suffering. Her personal experiences with divorce, grief, and family illness give her a compassion that undergirds her love for life and passion for people. Dawn fills her joy bucket loving her husband, volunteering in her church, and spending time with friends in Lakeland, Florida.

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