Understanding the Wounded Heart

Every heart carries wounds, inevitable in a fallen world. Unhealed wounds stunt maturity and damage relationships, limiting the fullness of the heart God gave us. But there’s hope: God, the Healer of broken hearts, restores. In this 5-session series, Dr. Marcus Warner, drawing from three decades of ministry, offers a transferable model for healing wounded hearts. Explore the WLVS Model, emotional capacity building, spiritual freedom, wounding types (A, B, and C wounds), true forgiveness, and a simple listening prayer model in this transformative Understanding the Wounded Heart eCourse. Break free from life’s hindrances and deepen your walk with God.

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Everyone’s heart has been wounded…

The fact is, it’s impossible to live in this fallen world and not have your heart wounded. And if we are living with unhealed wounds then our maturity is stunted, our relationships suffer, and we are not able to fully live from the heart Jesus gave us.

However, God has not left us without hope! He is the One who ‘heals the brokenhearted’ and brings restoration to our lives.

In this 5-session series of Understanding the Wounded Heart, Dr. Marcus Warner distills what he has learned in over three decades of ministry to wounded people. The result is a simple, transferable model that any believer can use for bringing healing to wounded hearts.

You’ll also begin to identify and overcome the obstacles in your own life that are keeping you from going deeper in your own walk with God.

In this Online eCourse you will learn:

  • The WLVS Model of how we get ‘stuck’
  • The necessity of building our emotional (joy) capacity, with practical means to do so
  • 3Cs for finding spiritual freedom
  • Primary types of wounding (A, B, and C wounds)
  • The ABC’s of true forgiveness
  • A REAL simple model of listening prayer

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This 5-part Small Group Video Curriculum is based on Deeper Walk’s best-selling book, Understanding the Wounded Heart, by Dr. Marcus Warner (available at Amazon). Because the book has helped so many people experience tremendous healing and freedom in Christ, many churches and individuals have requested video-based small group curriculum so people could go through this together.

Session 1: The Core Model

Handout 1: The Core Model

The Core Model (18:15) The core model that helps us understand the wounded heart can be thought of as a radio station: WLVS – the demonic radio network: “broadcasting all deception; all the time.” It can also be remembered with the word wolves (wolves). This model reflects the work of the world, the devil, and the flesh in affecting the way we live. The goal of this model is to get past “fruit picking” and address “root level” issues.

Session 2: Building Joy

Handout 2. Building Joy

Tool #1: Building Joy (24:54) From your brain’s perspective, joy is something that happens on the right side of your brain: 1) The right side of the brain is like radar. Its job is to recognize what is important enough to give my focus to. 2) The left side of the brain is about focus.

Session 3: Taking Thoughts Captive

Handout 3. Taking Thoughts Captive

Tool #2: Taking Thoughts Captive (17:38) Emotions can be driven by beliefs When we are stuck in great big negative emotions, we feel all alone there. Isolated from God and isolated from our people. It helps to connect with God and others who can help us win the battle for our minds.

Session 4: Forgiveness

Handout 4. Forgiveness

Tool #3: Forgiveness (20:34) Forgiveness is hard because it feels unjust. It feels like we are letting people get away with their actions without any consequences. However, the question is not, “What is justice?” but “Whose job is justice?” Forgiveness is handing the job of justice over to God.

Session 5: Listening Prayer

Handout 5. Listening Prayer

Tool #4: Listening Prayer (24:44) When Marcus’s family started working with deeply wounded people, they had three primary ways to help: 1) Community, 2) Spiritual Warfare, and 3) Biblical Insight. We first learned about listening prayer from a cassette tape and it changed things for the better.


Deeper Walk International President

Marcus Warner has served as president of Deeper Walk International since 2006. Marcus earned three degrees from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School – M.Div., Th.M. Old Testament, and D.Min. He has written numerous books and spoken for both ministry and corporate groups across the country and around the world. A Bible teacher at heart, Marcus has taught Old Testament and Theology at the junior high, high school, college, and seminary levels. His passion is taking complex topics and making them practical and accessible for everyone.

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