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Unleash the power of a whole heart in this recorded online conference. Join John Eldredge, Susie Larson, Sungshim Loppnow, Dr. Marcus Warner, Dr. Dan Rumberger, and Nik Harrang for a journey of restoration toward becoming a wholehearted child of God. Discover the Four Streams to living free, the deep connection between physical and spiritual health, Immanuel Journaling, and God’s profound healing for the deeply wounded. Identify your unique heart characteristics and live more fully from the heart.

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Recover Your Heart. Love God. Live Free. By Wholehearted.

The glory of God is a man fully alive.” – Irenaeus

You were created to live from a whole heart. Yet, most of us find ourselves simply trying to get by in life instead of living from a heart set free.

John Eldredge wrote, “We have no idea who we really are. We thought this whole Christian thing was about…trying not to sin. Going to church. Being nice. Jesus says it is about healing your heart, setting it free, restoring your glory.

We’ve been given a new heart in Christ. Yet why is it that so few people seem to live like it?

You Were Created to Live from a Whole Heart

Wholeheartedness does not happen automatically. We must fight for the life God intends for us, to live with a restored and whole heart.

In this recorded online conference you will receive powerful hope and practical help to equip you in your journey of restoration toward becoming a wholehearted child of God.

An Incredible Lineup

In this conference you’ll hear from whole-hearted leaders, including:

  • John Eldredge – best-selling author of Wild at Heart, Get Your Life Back, and more.
  • Susie Larson – talk radio host & best-selling author of Fully Alive, and more.
  • Sungshim Loppnow – co-author of The Joyful Journey: Listening to Immanuel.
  • Dr. Marcus Warner – author and president of Deeper Walk International.
  • Dr. Dan Rumberger – psychologist and longest serving Deeper Walk Board Member.
  • Nik Harrang – director of operations at Deeper Walk International.

Get Ready to:

  • Hear inspiring stories from seasoned saints in their journey toward wholeheartedness.
  • Discover the Four Streams essential to living a life of freedom.
  • Learn how your physical and spiritual health are deeply entwined, and how to grow in both.
  • Be trained in Immanuel Journaling for your own heart-healing journey.
  • Understand how God brings deep healing to the deeply wounded.
  • Learn how to identify your own unique heart-characteristics, and how to live more fully from your heart.

This 2021 Online Christian Conference addresses issues related to emotional wholeness, healing emotional pain and heartbreak, inner healing and more.


1. The Journey to Wholeheartedness

2. Waking the Dead Part 1 - John Eldredge

3. Waking the Dead Part 2 - John Eldredge

4. Immanuel Journaling for Emotional Healing - Sungshim Loppnow

5. Fully Alive: Learning to Flourish Mind, Body & Spirit - Susie Larson

6. From Ashes to Crowns - Dan Rumberger

7. Discovering Your Unique Heart Identity - Nik Harrang

8. Keys to Wholehearted Living - Marcus Warner


President of Wild at Heart

John Eldredge is an author, a counselor, and a teacher. He is also president of Wild at Heart, a ministry devoted to helping people discover the heart of God, recover their own hearts in God’s love, and learn to live in God’s Kingdom. John grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles (which he hated), and spent his boyhood summers on his grandfather’s cattle ranch in eastern Oregon (which he loved). John met his wife, Stasi, in high school (in drama class). But their romance did not begin until they each came to faith in Christ, after high school. John earned his undergraduate degree in Theater at Cal Poly, and directed a theater company in Los Angeles for several years before moving to Colorado with Focus on the Family, where he taught at the Focus on the Family Institute.

National speaker, bestselling author, and the host of the daily talk show, Susie Larson Live

Susie Larson is a national speaker, bestselling author, and the host of the daily talk show, Susie Larson Live heard on the Faith Radio Network. Susie has written 16 books and many articles. She’s been a guest on Focus on the Family, The Life Today Show, Family Life Today and many other media outlets. Voted twice as a top-ten finalist for the John C. Maxwell Transformational Leadership Award, she is also a veteran of the fitness field. Susie has been married to her dear husband Kevin since 1985 and together they have three wonderful sons, three beautiful daughters-in-law and two beautiful grandchildren. Susie’s passion is to see people everywhere awakened to the value of their soul, the depth of God’s love, and the height of their calling in Christ Jesus. (www.susielarson.com)


Sungshim was born and raised in Korea and moved to the US in 1999 to study MFT (Marriage and Family Therapy). Since then, she has continued her work as a psychotherapist to study systems theory, attachment, trauma resolution and brain-based relationship skills.

PsyD, Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Rumberger has been a licensed Psychologist since 1982. He lives and practices in Colorado and also retains his license in Iowa, where he helped establish ICBC (the precursor of Deeper Walk) in 1988, serving on its staff for many years. Our founder, Mark Bubeck, dubbed him the “Rare Bird”, due to his holding a doctorate in Psychology while having a biblical worldview that embraces the reality of spiritual warfare. The oldest (in any sense of the word!) Deeper Walk Board member, Dan established a robust legacy of ICBC/Deeper Walk biennial conferences that, for the first time, brought together many of the likeminded ministry partners who continue to serve the Body of Christ alongside Deeper Walk International. He and Susanna have been married for 50 years.

Deeper Walk International President

Marcus Warner has served as president of Deeper Walk International since 2006. Marcus earned three degrees from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School – M.Div., Th.M. Old Testament, and D.Min. He has written numerous books and spoken for both ministry and corporate groups across the country and around the world. A Bible teacher at heart, Marcus has taught Old Testament and Theology at the junior high, high school, college, and seminary levels. His passion is taking complex topics and making them practical and accessible for everyone.

Director of Operations - Deeper Walk International

Nik has an Masters in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary and helped plant a church and new college ministry in Seattle, where he served in pastoral ministry for 16 years. Nik currently resides in Northern California with his wife, Kristy, and four children. Nik’s passion is helping people grow in emotional, relational, and spiritual health.

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