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In several key passages of Scripture, the number 300 is associated with divine assistance and victory.

  • The ark that delivered Noah’s family was 300 cubits long (Genesis 6:15),
  • Abishai, one of David’s mighty men, defeated 300 men with a spear (2 Samuel 23:18),
  • Gideon famously led a band of 300 warriors on a campaign that ended in a dramatic victory over an enormous army from the East (Judges 6-7).

Relational challenges are skyrocketing due to the global pandemic. People are looking for help right now to handle difficult emotions, experience freedom, and grow spiritually.

This is our moment! We are the kind of people who rise up in difficult times to provide help and hope to a hurting world.

Deeper Walk is seeking 300 people to give $300 so together we can help people not merely go through this time but grow through it.

By becoming one of The 300 you will partner with Deeper Walk to:

  • Continue providing free webinars to share tools for growing emotional resilience, spiritual maturity, and relational heath.
  • Launch a new (free) online discipleship course that distills core Deeper Walk teachings in simple, shareable, impacting ways.
  • Help churches start relationally healthy, heart-focused-discipleship small groups.

Become one of the 300 and bring help and hope to a shaken world.

As a thank you we would like to give you access to one of our E-Institute courses to help you keep going deeper in your walk with God. 

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