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The WWW.PLAxN.COM acrostic

WWW. helps us remember three foundational aspects of creation theology: worship (our purpose), warfare (our problem), and wisdom (our path).

PLAxN helps us remember the covenants in God’s plan for bringing salvation to the world: Promise (Abraham), Law (Moses), Anointed One (David), x for Exile, and New Covenant (Jesus).

.COM reminds us of the coming of the Messiah when God’s kingdom will bring this present evil age to an end and Jesus will reign on the earth.

WWW.PLAxN.COM is explained in the book The Deeper Walk Guide to the Bible.

Dr. Marcus Warner has prepared a tremendous discipleship resource that presents the central theme of the Bible as worship, with the understanding that worship is a lifestyle in which we “walk with God” in an intimate heart-level relationship with Him. Using many word pictures and an acrostic as visual/memory tools, Dr. Warner unfolds the core elements of the Bible in a uniquely clear and understandable way.

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When it comes to living in the Spirit, there is a balance that must be struck between the study of Scripture and the experience of hearing the Spirit’s voice. You can think of Scripture and Spirit as the two wings of an airplane. Both are needed for the plane to keep its balance. Because the Holy Spirit is the one who inspired the authors of Scripture, the Bible cannot be separated from the idea of walking in the Spirit.

Free Video Courses

YouVersion Bible Reading Plans

God's Joy With Us!

A 5-Day Study

Join authors Chris Coursey and Marcus Warner on this five-day study to learn what the Bible says about joy and how to apply it to your life. Using theology, the latest in brain science, and exercises to help you apply principles to your life, this study will help you make joy a cornerstone of your daily life.

4 Habits Of A Joy-Filled Marriage

A 6-Day Devotional

This devotional will introduce couples to 4 habits that will help bring sustained joy back into your marriage. This will provide couples with valuable resources to practice all different forms of communication and improve overall marriage health. Explore how just 15 minutes a day will help you and your spouse remain in love.

Raising Joy-Filled Kids

A 7-Day Plan

Raising Joy-Filled Kids plan offers 7 invigorating lessons to reflect on what Scripture and brain science say is essential for relationships: glad-to-be-together joy. In John 15:11, Jesus prayed our joy would be full while brain science says 4 key habits grow more mature children and lead to joyful parents. Each day of this plan offers practice steps to apply what you are learning.

Becoming A Mature Leader

A 4-Day Plan

What does it mean to be a mature business leader? In their book, “Rare Leadership in the Workplace,” authors Marcus Warner and Jim Wilder unpack RARE as an acronym for how to become a mature leader. Join Rick Boxx, founder and CEO of Unconventional Business Network, as he delves into each characteristic and follows up with some questions for reflection.

Living in the Spirit

A 4-Day Plan

Too many Christians are stuck and unable to go deeper in their walk with God. In this four-day study, Marcus Warner will walk you through how to grow in your relationship with God so we can know Him, deepen our walk, live wisely, and receive His blessing.

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